Partners In Health Hospitals


Many are aware of the extraordinary efforts across the globe of Dr. Paul Farmer and his Partners in Health organization (see CBS 60 Minutes Podcast ).

This picture of AHHF foundation founders Jill and Jeff Rose was taken with Dr. Farmer and his newest adopted family member in his modest house in Rwanda on our visit in June of ’08.

Those interested in Paul and his wonderful work would do well to read Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder, which focuses on Dr. Farmer’s background and work early on in Haiti. As Paul has extended his global healing programs, his works have become legendary, and we are honored to know him and be working with members of his ‘flock’ in Rinkwavu (see pictures below) and hopefully with efforts at upcoming training facilities there and hospitals in Kirrehe and Burera.


As an infectious disease and HIV-aids specialist, Dr. Farmer also has an advanced degree and ardent interest in anthropology.

The Partners in Health hospital in Rinkwavu (eastern Rwanda) is well stocked thanks to donors with medications from retroviral  therapy and resistant Tuberculosis, and also more advanced than the hospital being renovated in the PEACE plan in Kibuye. 

Note the more advance condition of the operating theater in Rinkwavu (see anesthesia machine left) but needs there abound as well.


Also of great importance, each patient is taught how to create a completely self sufficient ‘closed loop’ gardening ecosystem. 

In this manner, they are taught to grow nutritious plants on their tiny plots of property and are given seeds, instructions and follow up visits to assure proper nutrition is achieved. 

Dr. Stulac’s brother, who is a volunteer agronomist with PIH in Rinwavu, has developed this system.

Dispensary aRinkwavu

Note the relatively advanced state of the Pediatrics unit, headed by Dr. Sara Stulac, and friend of the AHHF from Saint Louis. A neonatal unit and ICU are in planning and supply stages.